Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Finished Picture

I read a little analogy today that spoke to me so strongly and clearly.  At this point, life is just wearing me out with troubles, and the face of Christ gets as blurred as the page of a book when I can't find my glasses.  I feel myopic about what goes on around me, and prayer feels hollow.  I know that it will pass, but it's awful while it's happening.  It is the dark night of the soul of St. John of the Cross.

I've been following a website called Women of Grace, an organization that celebrates the spiritual nature of women and their relationship with God and the world.  People discuss all kinds of topics, and today there was one woman who asked for prayers because she was experiencing the same thing I am.  One of the coordinators joined the conversation and shared with us an image in words that I will remember always:

In this world we are looking at the back of a tapestry - nothing but threads and chaos - but when we go to Heaven, God will turn the tapestry around and we will see the beautiful picture.

As I always tend to do when I see or hear something beautiful, I started to cry.  It is so perfect, and so female in origin.  It makes me proud to know that a woman would think of that - women have done the sewing throughout the centuries.  In the spiritual sense, we stitch together our lives as we go along, struggling with tangled thread and knots that get in our way and stop us for a while. But we go on, and this one sentence reminded me that someday it will all come together in Heaven's beauty.

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Archangelati 777 said...

That's absolutely gorgeous (all of 'em)! Sorry it has taken me so long - I kind of forget I even had a blog (almost)... I hope to dedicate more time to it in the near future though. I'm a full time student of History & Religious Studies (and I run the Facebook page for the Catholic group Archangelati, I also have 2 YouTube channels and have been trying to transcribe captions for some of my brother's YT videos - "35804Verses")... I've been a busy little bee :D

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog (seriously - it's a rare event which I genuinely cherish). I look forward to seeing more from you/your blog. May God Bless you in all your endeavors.
-Pax et Bonum