Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Joyful Greeting

I found one of my most beloved paintings when I was a kid of 10 or 11.  I was browsing through our enormous Douay-Rheims family bible.  On this particular time, I was looking at the pictures.  Our bible was filled with paintings of the life of Christ and our Blessed Mother, and this one spoke to me in a clear voice.  "You are a woman, just like Mary ... you can always talk to her."  It really was as though I heard those words. 

A picture of Elizabeth's pure joy at the sight of Mary ...
I would feel the same

I understand so well that after the Annunciation, Mary would welcome a little trip to visit a woman friend with which to share her news.  Elizabeth herself was pregnant with John the Baptist, and felt him leap for joy when Mary came to the door.  The two women had so much to talk about and share.  Mary and Elizabeth must have been astonished to find that, without realizing, both of them were pregnant and awaiting special babies. I can picture them sitting in the shade, sharing a lunch, and just talking.  I've always felt a closeness to Mary.  It can never be forgotten that Jesus has attributes of all human beings and that we can always turn to Him.  However, I think most Catholic women may feel the way I do ... sometimes we need a woman to talk to.  And what wouldn't we give to see Mary at our doorstep, come for a visit?  Blessed Mother, pray for us.  

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